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    The silence was deafening.
    A small skeleton child stared out over a brown world, with brown grass, and brown trees. It was dark, and yet bright somehow. There was light, and yet there were shadows. It was warm, and yet, had this deathly freeze to it that he couldn’t describe.
    Was this what the surface looked like?
    No, it wasn’t possible. Not at all. Everyone said it was such a wonderful place. The sun shone beautifully on every living thing, the plants blew in the gentle breeze… The clouds rolled gracefully overhead…
    The stars glimmered like nothing anyone had ever seen before.
    Except for the humans. They got to see it. They were lucky.
    But, if this place wasn’t the surface, what else was this place? Where was he?
    Was this the place between being awake and asleep?
    The place between dreams
:iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 2 0
Redo Chapter 1
    It was dark. Very dark. Frisk could hear the sound of wind blowing, and through the black, he could almost see the faint outline of gray dust.
    “What happened here?” he asked after a moment, his voice echoing to the point where it seemed like it came from nowhere but everywhere.

    Somebody answered. Frisk glanced around, confused. “Who said that?”
    *Who do you think?
she said flatly.
    The child stopped. “Chara?”

    “And… What do you mean I happened?”
    *Don’t you get it?
Chara snapped. *Because of you, this world is set to ruins!
:iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 6 2
What Is This Why Did I Make This What Even
I’m sorry for letting you down.
I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.
You don’t deserve someone like me.
You deserve a better person to call your sibling.
And you deserve a better person to call your “family.”
All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.
All you wanted was for other people to be happy.
Not just that, but all you wanted was a true friend.
A person you turned to in your time of need.
Someone to show you kindness and sympathy, perhaps.
Someone to lift your spirits when you felt down.
Someone you could count on.
And, for a while, I was that person.
…But I guess in the end, neither of us got what we wanted, huh?
:iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 1 4
Flowey by Sneakyfox55 Flowey :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 16 23 Little comic by Sneakyfox55 Little comic :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 7 5 Fluttershy by Sneakyfox55 Fluttershy :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 3 0 Avery by Sneakyfox55 Avery :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 3 0 Sunset on a field by Sneakyfox55 Sunset on a field :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 1 0
If Only - A medicine cat's story: Chapter 1
It all happened so fast.
I barely even knew if it was real or not. The sad truth was that it was real. Still, I refused to believe it. I just didn’t accept it. There was no way this could have happened. It was impossible.
And yet, it was possible. It was real….
I blinked open my eyes to see that I was in a unfamiliar place. This.. This isn't the apprentices den, I thought in confusion. But it only took me a moment to realize where I was. I'm in the medicine cat den. That's when everything came rushing back to me. Going to send Tigerclaw the message about Bluestar not being able to meet him, straying onto the thunderpath, being run over by the monster... A feeling of dread swept over me. So that was why I was in the medicine cat's den. Because of my being injured.
I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard pawsteps from outside of the den. A moment later, my mentor, Fireheart, padded into the den. "Are you alright?" he asked me, worry reflecting in his emerald eyes.
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Secrets are Meant to be Revealed: Chapter 1
Wake up, Stacy! C’mon!”
I was rudely awaken when my younger sister, Lizzy, shook me awake.
“Get up, you sleepyhead! It’s time to go!” she exclaimed while she shook me again.
“Lizzy, if you want me to get up, then stop shaking me!” I shot back at her. She rolled her eyes, and left my room, leaving me alone.
Finally, I thought. Some peace and quiet.
But I knew it wouldn’t last, for today, was the Summer Festival at Northwood High. Aka, my school.
I got out of bed and started to get dressed. I threw my pajamas on the floor, only realizing then how much I needed to clean my room. I put on a red t-shirt and some light blue jeans, then threw on some black and blue sneakers. I then grabbed a hairband and tied my raven-black hair into a messy ponytail, then ran out of the room. I skidded to a sudden halt as I almost ran right into Lizzy, who was standing in the middle of the hallway. She was wearing a bright pink sleeveless shirt, with white jean
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Welcome.. by Sneakyfox55 Welcome.. :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 0 0
Secrets are Meant to be Revealed: Prologue/Intro
Hi. My name is Stacy.
Of course, you might think I'm a normal human being. But that's not the case. Believe it or not, I'm half of something else. What is that other half, you ask? Well, let me put it straightforward.
I'm half werewolf.
Don't believe me? Well, let me explain.
My mom is a human, and my dad is a werewolf. Simple as that. Although it's very rare, apparently I inherited it from him. Mom would always call me "daddy's girl", and at that time, I had no idea what she meant by that, because I'm nothing like him. Well, that's actually a lie, since I'm part werewolf and he was a werewolf in general. Now that I think about it, Mom might have been saying that because I'm half werewolf, I'm "daddy's girl", which kind of makes no sense, because I think that usually means you inherit their personality...
Geez, I can just talk for hours. Sorry 'bout that.
So there you have it. That explains it pretty much. Well, I think so.. By the way, I'm writing this in a journal. It kinda helps me
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Thrushpaw by Sneakyfox55 Thrushpaw :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 5 3 Iceflurry by Sneakyfox55 Iceflurry :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 5 3 Breezeflight by Sneakyfox55 Breezeflight :iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 4 7
Legacy of the Moon Chapter 1
Moonkit was prodded awake by a small paw. He blinked open his eyes, slightly blinded by the sudden sunlight, to see Streamkit.
"Come on!" she squeaked. "Let's go outside! I'm bored and I can't find any other things to do."
Moonkit sighed. "Why can't you play with Mistkit instead?" he complained.
Streamkit rolled her eyes. "Don't you remember? She's an apprentice now."
"Okay, whatever. But why ME?"
"Because you're the only one I can play with," his sister mumbled.
"What about Frogkit?" Moonkit questioned, his tail tip twitching back and forth in annoyance. "You can play with him!"
"Yes, but's he's no fun!" Streamkit protested.
"And you're saying that your own brother is more fun?"
Streamkit pinned her ears back. "I hate to admit it, but yes.." She then looked him straight in the eyes, her gaze pleading. "PLEASE will you play with me?"
Moonkit groaned. "Alright, alright, fine. But next time, I won't say yes. There's plenty of other cats you can play with!"
Streamkit brightened up. "Yay!"
:iconsneakyfox55:Sneakyfox55 1 0


Shyren by Vanilla--Shake Shyren :iconvanilla--shake:Vanilla--Shake 57 21 Undertale Comic: Asriel's New Best Friend by atomicheartlight Undertale Comic: Asriel's New Best Friend :iconatomicheartlight:atomicheartlight 42 25 LV, Frisk Speedpaint | Collab with Kitmast! by CamilaAnims LV, Frisk Speedpaint | Collab with Kitmast! :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 671 100 a cat in a cup by ressii a cat in a cup :iconressii:ressii 43 13 Mercyplates: I Need Coffee by SkellyDoodle Mercyplates: I Need Coffee :iconskellydoodle:SkellyDoodle 120 15 104 - Cubone by TsaoShin 104 - Cubone :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,129 43 Undertale - Let's Just Take A Break by TC-96 Undertale - Let's Just Take A Break :icontc-96:TC-96 2,670 492 Undertale - In the Sea by TC-96 Undertale - In the Sea :icontc-96:TC-96 2,844 354 Little doodle puppy by ComicPapyrusOfZelda Little doodle puppy :iconcomicpapyrusofzelda:ComicPapyrusOfZelda 5 1 Akita dog by ComicPapyrusOfZelda Akita dog :iconcomicpapyrusofzelda:ComicPapyrusOfZelda 5 1 Dis is my Cat by ComicPapyrusOfZelda Dis is my Cat :iconcomicpapyrusofzelda:ComicPapyrusOfZelda 6 1 Guardian (First sketch) by ComicPapyrusOfZelda Guardian (First sketch) :iconcomicpapyrusofzelda:ComicPapyrusOfZelda 12 5 Napstablook by kyouichi-s Napstablook :iconkyouichi-s:kyouichi-s 61 3 MTT resort by kyouichi-s MTT resort :iconkyouichi-s:kyouichi-s 109 4 Thistleclaw (Warrior Cats) by WarriorCat3042 Thistleclaw (Warrior Cats) :iconwarriorcat3042:WarriorCat3042 161 29 .: Flirting :. by Kimmys-Voodoo .: Flirting :. :iconkimmys-voodoo:Kimmys-Voodoo 264 24



Tagged by :iconaimeeno1:.

1. If I tagged you or you saw this from me and chose to do it yourself, please tag me so I may read your answers.
2. Answer each question below with your favorite food or drinks that correlate with the question.
3. Tag 5 friends or people you want to know better.

1. Milk or Juice?

2. Sausage or bacon?
Definitely bacon!

3. Coffee or tea?

4. Cake or pie?
Pie, to be honest. x3

5. Soda or Koolaid?
Eh... Not sure. It's been a while since I've had either. o.o

6. Pizza or Burgers?

7. Beer or Wine?
I don't drink. xD

8. Surf or Turf?

9. Plain water or flavored water?
Plain. I'm probably the only person you'll meet who loves water so much.

10. Veggies or meat?
Meat. But veggies are good, too. ^^

1. What's your favorite kind of chocolate?
Either Lindt or Hershey's.

2. What's your favorite kind of candy? 
No clue.

3. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? 
Bubble gum.

4. What's your favorite pizza topping?
Cheese. :3

5. What's your favorite pasta dish?
I like all the pastas!

6. What's your favorite fast food joint?
McDonalds, maybe...?

7. What's your favorite flavor/brand of soda?
Mountain Dew, probably. Or just regular old coke/Pepsi/etc..

8. What's your favorite movie theater snack?
Pop and popcorn. x3

9. What's your favorite foreign food/dish? 
All the Japanese stuff. XD (Well, except for sushi... I actually have never had that before. Guilty as charged. ^^')

10. What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
Still don't drink..

11. What is your all time favorite food and drink? 
Water, but I dunno for sure about food... Maybe chicken.

1. What's your least favourite kind of chocolate?
To be honest, I have no idea.

2. What's your least favourite kind of candy?
Dunno about that, either.

3. What's your least favourite flavor of ice cream?
I'd have to say vanilla. I don't have anything personal against it, it's just that it's so bland.

4. What's your least favourite pizza topping?
I've actually never tried anything other than pepperoni. (Kill me now. X'DD)

5. What's your least favourite pasta dish?
I don't know really if I have one.

6. What's your least favourite fast food joint?
Arby's, maybe.

7. What's your least favourite flavor/brand of soda?
Um... I don't know about that, either. XD

8. What's your least favourite movie theater snack? 
Peanut M&Ms, I guess.

9. What's your least favourite foreign food/dish?
Not sure...

10. What's your least favourite alcoholic drink?
All them, tbh.

11. What is your all time least favorite food and drink? 
I don't know what my least favorite food is, but my least favorite drink is any kind of alcohol and wine. No offense to anyone who likes them, but, well... It's just my opinion.

And I tag these from the menu:



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Hi! I'm a teenage (Christian) artist from the U.S. I'm always free to talk, so don't be afraid to send me a note! I have lots of hobbies, like playing video games, drawing (including painting and drawing on my computer as well), and writing. But I mostly like to write stories, and you might find more written stuff than digital art on my profile. :)



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